C C C: 

T H E   C O L D  W A R   

C O M M U N I S T 


This year in the 4th edition of the Continual Crisis Committee we will relive the cold war in all its complexity and splendor. The communist alliance is one of the lesser talked about topics, not only because of the outcome of the war but also because of the never-ending focus in capitalism.

The communist coalition was a large group of countries that believed communism or socialism could prevail against any other economic, social and political organization. ACMUN XV's CCC view on the topic is going to be enthralling and ever-changing, and we will challenge history like never before.

Delegates, the year of our special session will be 1955 in the greatest empire, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Please be sure of your alliances, your beliefs and before everything, be sure of your complete devotion to the communist cause, we expect the best of our allies and the truest of intentions, the wrath of the Soviet Union is not to be messed with.

And remember, whether you like it or not, history is on our side. 

© ASPAEN Cartagena Model United Nations 2020.

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