My Name is Mariana Niño and this year, at the sixteenth edition of ASPAEN Cartagena Model of the United Nations, I will have the honor to preside the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian committee alongside my co-president Santiago Moreno. 


The third committee of the General Assembly has been distinguished to discuss topics related to a range of social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues that affect people all around the world. Related to this concept is the heart and effort that we are going to deposit and expect each delegate would put in the committee by defending their beliefs and positions. As presidents of SOCHUM, we will offer special guidance through the journey of preparation for you as delegates to have the best performance possible and exploit the talents each one of you have. 


This being said, my co-president and I encourage all delegates to take a wise position and make wise decisions before and after the debate, learning from challenges and make an illustrious use of your capacities. Do not hesitate to contact us for any doubts or questions via

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Welcome delegates, 

My name is Santiago Moreno, and this year I have the opportunity of being president in the sixteenth edition of ACMUN in the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee alongside my co president Mariana Niño. 


This committee is the one incharge of the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. This is the perfect committee to star in a Model of United Nations because of the easy way to search for information, also we invite all delegates to be part of this incredible committee. 


The job of a president is to help the delegates and support them in all the committee. However, I will be a friend, I will help you develop your skills not only as a delegate but as a person. I hope that this experience will enrich you, and don't forget that if you want something you need to make efforts and work hard for it.  We will help you during the process, during the committee in all the ideas, and information on the debate. You can contact us by my personal email or through CORREO SOCHUM.