It is no secret that humans have been taking part in the illegal movement of people for centuries; however, in more recent years, it has started to become one of the most profitable illegal practices. This has unfortunately generated a massive rise in what we have come to popularly call “people smuggling”, which includes in its meaning all illegal journeys that take part with any form of human cargo, including human trafficking, organ smuggling, migrant smuggling, etc.


Many laws that attempt to punish these crimes regarding the rights of the victims, and the wrong-doings of the perpetrators have been passed. However, coyotes, pimps, and madams have found ways to move outside the law for longer periods, acquiring personnel, arms, and of course, victims. On the other hand, the lack of information that the victims receive, whether it is on the general situation or their specific situation, leads them to consent to actions they might not completely understand; should the victims be punished if their resettling was voluntary?


As members of the INTERPOL Committee, the conversation must be pushed further in order to find the most viable solutions, allowing national police organizations to connect internationally in order to deal with the cross-border aspects of the problematic, arriving at ways to dismantle the crimes in the present, and the attempt to abolish the crimes in the future.



Data nowadays is the most important mechanism in our society. The one who possesses the most, the more valuable this person becomes. That is where cyberspace takes an important place, because in this space is where everyone: governments, enterprises and individuals save their data.  That is why INTERPOL must protect cyberspace at all costs, especially these days, where the majority of work is made online, and when the information is at its more vulnerable position.


With COVID-19 the gates opened; cyberspace became vulnerable. Some countries restricted it as a privilege and others just tried to do their best to protect the data. The INTERPOL did not stay behind and began adapting in order to prevent something like wikileaks to be repeated.


As members of the INTERPOL Committee, you must start diplomatic conversations that will ensure the best solutions, always providing ideologies that will function internationally. It is time to discover ways that will provide ideas to these problems to continue a successful attempt at abolishing the crimes the world continues to face.