Hello delegates! My name is María Alejandra Cerro, and alongside my co-president, Simón Pinzón, I will have the honor of presiding over the INTERPOL committee.

Having been a part of ACMUN for over five years, I understand the fear often associated with INTERPOL; looking at the topics and feelings like the issues are too complex, and that debating on them will be close to impossible. However, this year I’m motivated to tell you that only through trying is that we ever see results, and that losing your fears and taking a risk will always be worth it in the end. We look forward to seeing how the delegates push through the problems and make the most of this experience: for them to understand that they are capable of anything, that they can raise their voice, and use debate in order to arrive at solutions that can truly change the world.

And with that said, receive the warmest of welcomes to ACMUN XVI! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

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Welcome delegates, to the sixteenth edition of the Aspaen Cartagena model of the United Nations. My name is Simon Pinzon and this year I have the honor to preside over the INTERPOL committee, alongside my co-president Maria Alejandra Cerro.

Our job will be to guide you through this amazing journey and encourage you to defend delegates’ thoughts and express yourselves in all aspects, if you have any doubts or questions don’t fear to contact us through

This year we’ve chosen topics that involve and cause major problems to the international community. We believe in you to search for the major innovative, creative and viable solutions to the numerous polemics and controversies present within this committee. I invite you to experience this incredible and special event ACMUN XVI and I hope that this experience will mark you as it did to me. We look forward to meeting you all and we hope to see you soon in ACMUN XVI!

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