My name is Isaac Jasbón Vega, and I was proudly born in Cartagena 17 years ago. This year I have the honor to be Under-Secretary of the fifteenth edition of ASPAEN Cartagena Model of United Nations. 

I have the responsibility to fulfill and ensure the academic performance of the model. It is in my duty to prepare our presidents, invite them to find new interesting topics of their committees, and impulse them to give the bests of themselves. The fact that I make part of the Secretariat of ACMUN does not make me superior nor more important. ACMUN does not depend on our STAFF, ACMUN depends on each one of us. Every single delegate participating is what makes ACMUN what it is today.

For three years I have lived and have been part of this family. My main desire for this edition is that not only the academic area outshines, nor that the whole model out lashes in success. That ACMUN XV marks history. I strongly wish for each one of us to truly enjoy what the model got to offer; feel, see and live every joy that this 4-day event has. 

I hope this journey goes far within, and that you join us for not only 4 days; but a lifetime. 


Without further ado, 


See you in ACMUN XV 

© ASPAEN Cartagena Model United Nations 2020.

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