If I have been able to learn something over the past year, is that even though uncertainty makes you feel helpless, once you realize that the only thing you need to start making a change is yourself, life begins gaining its purpose slowly but surely. The world is made up of billions of people, who are subsequently living drastically different lives, with millions of memories, experiences, moments and knowledge you and I will probably never have. But, it only takes you and the people around you to make a tiny dent in the world that, unconsciously, will shift the lives of a lot of people. 


My name is Sofía Alejandra Puerta Peñaloza, and it is with great joy and honor that I introduce myself to you as ACMUN XVI’s Under-Secretary General, and I am more than thrilled to be making with all of you small but colossal changes in the lives of hundreds of people. 


I have the immense pleasure to be working with María Patricia and Juan Felipe as this year’s secretariat, alongside an incredible group of hardworking presidents, the most determined logistic members and an insanely creative press staff. As Under-Secretary General I mostly focus on the work in the academics of ACMUN; everything from presidents, committees and even delegates. However, without the help of every single member of the STAFF, ACMUN XVI would not be the project it has grown to become. 


Regardless of the place you occupy, let it be an academic delegate, an observer, a part of press or logistics, every single one of you plays a huge role. As our slogan states, in this year’s ACMUN we are inviting you to bring to our model the most innovative skills and strategies, granting you power to be able build something that might even sound impossible. We encourage you to let your imagination loose, to step up, to stop pausing your goals and to learn from others and yourself so you can Dare to Create the Unknown.


I am very excited to accompany you on the sixteenth version of ACMUN. In case you have any doubts or wish to contact me please use the email Undersecretaryg@gimcartagena.edu.co


We hope you enjoy, and welcome to ACMUN XVI!