Dear delegates, greetings! My name is Juan Sebastian Romero and, together with my co-president, Juan Pablo Correa, I have the honor of presiding over the Special Policies committee.

This year my dream of being president of ACMUN XVI was fulfilled, and I assure you that while I am one, I will give 110% of myself. In the last version of ACMUN, there was no Specpol committee and together with my co-chair, we want it to come back stronger than ever. We want to encourage you to join our committee, where we hope to have a fluid debate with viable solutions adding the participation of both new and experienced delegates. In addition, we hope it caught your attention and, we look forward to seeing you all in this experience called Specpol at ACMUN XVI.

Without further delay, we eagerly await your participation in the model and, if you have any kind of inquiry or question, please contact us via email at specpol@gimcartagena.edu.co


 My name is Juan Pablo Correa and after years of waiting I finally have the honor of being the president of the SPECPOL committee alongside my co-president, Juan Sebastian Romero.

Being a part of ACMUN's sixteenth instalment, I am eager to work with my fellow presidents in meeting the standards of quality that are expected from the model. As specific conditions have significantly changed our collective definition of normalcy, giving one's best work for his delegates and committee is essential for the duty of being a president. After half a decade of taking part in MUNs, I plan to fulfill the responsibility that every president owes to its delegates. 

SPECPOL is a committee where people with different levels of experience can find a way to evolve and become active parts of the debate. Our obligation as presidents is making our committee the best it can be, to do that we have to provide its members with the conditions to deliver their best performance. With a daunting task ahead of us, President Romero and I will work tirelessly so everyone in our committee has the chance to get the most out of this experience.

 Having said all of that, we are looking forward to seeing you in ACMUN XVI and if you have any questions you can always contact us via email at specpol@gimcartagena.edu.co