Welcome delegates,

My name is Maria Gabriela Carriazo and in this version of ACMUN I have the honor to preside over the United Nations Environmental Program alongside my co-president Abraham Bohorquez.


It is clear that in the last couple of decades, the number of problematics and issues regarding our environment has been growing therefore it is crucial that we at least talk about two. The topics chosen are extremely important and I truly hope that you, as delegates, can make the most of your ACMUN experience and find real and viable solutions. I am extremely sure that every single one of you is up to facing this challenge and I look forward to seeing all of your amazing capabilities during the debate. 


With nothing more to say, I am very excited and really looking forward to living this process alongside  all of you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or ask for any help or guidance you may need. You can contact us at unep@gimcartagena.edu.co.


My name is Abraham Bohorquez, and I am really excited to preside this year. I would be presiding UNEP with my co-president María Gabriela Carriazo. 


I feel honored to be part of this version of the ASPAEN Cartagena Model of United Nations. For this reason, I will make everything possible to make UNEP the best committee ever. Don’t see this committee as boring or difficult, it is actually really interesting and full of learning. Throughout those days of debate and negotiation I will make sure every delegate shows their abilities for public speaking, to argue, and find solutions. I hope everybody learns something new and becomes a better delegate. 


Said this, I am thrilled to be your president and share with you those amazing days. I invite you to participate and be part of ACMUN XVI. If you have any sort of inquiry don’t hesitate to contact us via email at unep@gimcartagena.edu.co


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