Every day we are welcomed with new possibilities, more knowledge, and undeniable growth. Every day we rise to a new beginning where we must decide whether we continue to repeat our yesterday or in fact, live this day today. It is time we stop wishing for tomorrow to come when our now has not even begun. 

This year in ACMUN we hope that every word, action, and thought is aimed at what we all desire to achieve. We believe that if we work with our ultimate goal in mind, the so dreamed future will arrive sooner than expected. 

On this fifteenth edition of ACMUN, I, Danna Carolina S. Olier, have the honor to be the Director-General. Along with the logistics and press’ departments, we have started working hard to provide you the best experiences before, during, and post our model. On our hands, we have all the organization and planning of the model, image, visuals, media, and productions. We work non-stop for your satisfaction. 

The press and logistics department has always been my safe place. Here we got no limits for our ideas and every thought is valued. ACMUN, apart from being a model is a family. We have a place for each one of you; because the world is not only of certain citizens, the world is for all of us. 

I invite you to join us on this breathtaking and thrilling adventure, in which we do not play as grown-ups, but actually grow as critical ones. 

For any additional doubts, please contact me at 

With nothing more to say,

Welcome to ACMUN XV.

© ASPAEN Cartagena Model United Nations 2020.

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