director general


My name is Maria Patricia Pareja Via​ñ​a and I have the honor to be ACMUN’s Director General during its sixteenth edition. It is honestly a privilege and a profound source of happiness to carry on with the legacy of such a great Model of the United Nations, as it is also a challenge I took knowing the responsibility it implies, considering the level of excellence we have maintained during the past fifteen years, and the extremely rare global situation we are currently facing. Yet, if I had to relive the moment when I took the decision to apply to this position, I would gladly do it all over again.

I can fully affirm that I owe a big part of the determination of many of which i consider my most important personality traits to the years I have spent in the MUN lifestyle, as I have had to push myself to be better, not only for the mere purpose of being better for myself but also for the community I work with. I have also learned the importance of believing in myself and my capabilities, of trusting the process and enjoying every bit of it. ACMUN is an experience worth living, and not only I can affirm such a thing, to this day I have not heard otherwise: it is truly a pleasure to be part of it.

Our world needs young people to be brave and creative, always willing to progress and to act towards such causes. Now, more than ever, we long for people that decide to go on, because one of life’s axioms, and probably the hardest one to digest, is that the only option we do not have in life is to give up. In ACMUN we raise delegates that do not give up, that are always one step ahead and disposed to use their voices to create impact.

I encourage each one of you to challenge yourselves and ​Dare to Create the Unknown with us. This is the perfect moment to begin to invest in yourselves, in new activities that activate your talents and potentialize your capabilities, and decide to follow a process that might be fruitful and advantageous for your intellect and personality. I invite you to believe in our project and begin to satisfy those desires of yours that have been cancelled by your fear; there is no doubt that ACMUN is the right place to do so.

I really hope you join us during the beautiful journey that would be ACMUN XVI. Feel free to contact me via email​. I am looking forward to meeting you.

See you soon!!!